Fundraising Guidance

We are really pleased you have decided to fundraise for Space 2 Be Me, here are some hints and tips to help you run the event smoothly.

Tell us the event is happening

Let us know about your event, we may be able to help you with advertising and advice.

Keep yourself and the people attending the event safe

Make sure the event you are running is covered by insurance. Carrying out a risk assessment before the event will help prevent any accidents. We can provide you with a simple, user friendly template when you contact us to tell us about your event. If you are running a large event it may be necessary to provide first aid facilities. St John’s Ambulance or Red Cross will be able to provide advice.

If you are providing food at your event please follow good food hygiene procedures and comply with food safety laws and regulations; which are mostly common sense steps to make sure the food provided is safe.

Handling cash donations

Any funds you raise on behalf of Space 2 Be Me belongs to the charity and we ask that you bank your donations as soon as possible. If you are dealing with large amounts of cash there should be two people responsible for counting money after the event.

In the unlikely event that you raise sponsorship for an event that doesn’t go ahead you should offer donations back to the person who donated it.

Protecting Space 2 Be Me

We are very grateful to you for running an event to raise money for our charity; however we do ask that you don’t do anything that could potentially harm our reputation, jeopardise our ability to carry out our daily work or put at risk our charitable funds.

If you are in any doubt please do contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your event.